Hey! Wanna See Something Stupid!?

That question was asked just before every awesome experience ever had by anyone, in the history of everdom. And, as a result of countless people wanting to witness stupidity, along with your own personal decisions that you've made throughout your life (admit it, some were very questionable), you've now ended up here . . . . looking at Something Stupid!

Something Stupid is made up of four massively, yet, semi-talented weirdos who put on a show so entertaining, it is being heralded as "the most fun you can have while wearing pants." The band plays hits from a wide range of music that includes rock, pop, modern country, hip-hop and more. Since the band was born on February 11th, 2017, Something Stupid has set themselves apart from other bands by incorporating a comedic aspect into their performances and being committed to doing whatever it takes to make people laugh and have a good time during the show. To truly appreciate the magnitude of the stupidity, you really have to see a show in person. The bottom line is, if you don't leave a Something Stupid show with a smile on your face, you very well may need therapy! God knows it has been strongly recommended to the band for a variety of other reasons.

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